Ministry Feedback

“Pastor Teresa Tong is on the leading edge of training for Children’s Ministry both in the local church and teams going to the mission fields of the world. She has done extensive research into this pressing need and has formulated her findings into practical ways to train others. I have personally sat in on her training. She not only teaches the principles of ministry to children, but personally illustrates how it is done with passion and enthusiasm. Teresa is a valuable gift to the church moving forward in this generation.”

Rev. Grover Crosby
Pastor in Charge of the English congregation of
Richmond Hill Christian Community Church


Pastor Teresa did a super fabulous job in teacher training to my church volunteers.  Her passion in Children’s Ministry and Missions is very contagious.   Our volunteers are so attentive, encouraged, inspired and motivated by her experience and teaching.   She challenges us to keep learning and growing as a representative of Jesus Christ.  Cannot wait for her next round of training in 6 months.

Rev. Faith Lee
Children’s Pastor of Mississauga Chinese Alliance Church


We are thankful to God for a special time of worship together with people from all ages and all three congregations of our church in the Family Worship Service.  Pastor Teresa worked closely with us to plan and prepare the details of the Family Worship Service to fit the context of our church community.  We have experienced the uniqueness of this church family worship as a Canadian Chinese Church with strong emphases on the inter-generational opportunities of encouragement and blessing of one another.

Rev. Kevin Hon
Senior Pastor, Toronto Chinese Methodist Church


It’s truly a blessing to learn from you in the past year and see how Lord Jesus has set you as our example to love, to follow and to serve Him with a passion for families and children. We learned so much from you in different occasions and you have made me to be a better children’s pastor, not only in skills but in my heart.

Pastor Connie Liu
Children’s Pastor of Peoples Gospel Church


It has been my honour to know Teresa who has so much passion in serving God in the area of Children, youth as well as parents. Her commitment and enthusiasm are remarkable. Recently, I have the privilege to have her to come to our church to conduct Parenting Sunday School classes and workshops. Her lessons and workshops are engaging and insightful. The feedbacks are overwhelming. Moreover, with her real life experience and the amount of attention she has given to the future needs of children and youth, Teresa is definite an outstanding speaker!

Pastor Ada Yu
Children’s Pastor of Markham Chinese Baptist Church


Pastor Teresa came to train our Children Sunday School teachers and Children’s Ministry volunteers on March 5, 2016. We had 2 sessions: Creative Bible Teaching and Creative Music Worship. I got a lot of positive feedback from the teachers and volunteers. They were really motivated and encouraged by Pastor Teresa’s creativity and enthusiasm in Bible storytelling and music worship. Moreover, they were touched and inspired by her love and passion in serving Children’s Ministry. I even saw some changes on the following Sunday that our teachers implemented what they have learned from the training to our actual Sunday School classes. She delivered both teaching concept and practical hands on skills in her workshops. Pastor Teresa is a pastor of children’s pastors and children workers. She is a true blessing to churches to train and equip our teachers to be more effective and passionate in the ministry.

                                             Pastor Alice Sam
                                             Children’s Pastor of Toronto Chinese Baptist Church


We just attended Ptr. Tong’s workshop on Parenting teens this Spring. It was a very well-delivered workshop, informative, well-organized and motivational with pathos.

Ptr. Tong, herself a parent, has many years of experience in children and youth ministry and overseas missions. Upon embarking on her doctoral work recently, she has pinpointed several current trends and needs of young people today. Parents were aware of the changing moods, and even the re-definition of growing “adolescents” in North America. The brutal reality of the engulfing secularism of the world was portrayed. The haunting picture of the Enemy like a roaring lion was powerfully conveyed. We were especially exhorted as parents, to never let go— but persevere to stake out for our child, to stand in the gap between him/her and God Himself, as He would so dearly desires to find us interceding.

Ptr. Tong is more than an inspiration to us. Her perceptivity will certainly bring many more insights to steer the future of children/ youth ministry, as she delves into pertinent questions facing the post-modern youth (especially Chinese in Diaspora) — which is imminently needed and well-overdue.

We appreciate all the efforts she has in helping and journeying with us at the Toronto Chinese Christian Parenting Association, as workshops speaker and in projects. Trust that God will continue to use her to bless the future generations, both locally and globally.

Helen Ho
(Toronto Chinese Christian Parenting Association Board Chair)


I had invited Pastor Teresa Tong to conduct a workshop for Transform 2015, a 3 days Youth Conference that was affiliated with the Gospel to China Conference 2015. There were total of 36 workshops for the youth to choose form. The workshops consisted of discipleship, evangelism and spiritual formation. As a spiritual director I understand the importance of spiritual formation as a crucial part of discipleship. Isn’t Jesus demonstrates the importance of cultivating an intimate relationship with God? Having said that, it is absolutely a challenge to lead this germination into silence and quiet to listen to God. Yet Pastor Teresa workshop had given them an opportunity to experience God in silence. Her different prayer stations and teaching had provided them the tool. Some of the youth comments were, “The workshop has shown me my own failure and pride and how to surrender to God,” “I have learned how to spend time with God,” “I have learned that you can see Jesus face to face”. The youth comments have shown that Pastor Teresa’s workshop has opened doors for the youth to deepen their relationship with God.

Pastor Vivien Chu-Chen
Project Serve Come And See Lead, Youth Unlimited


I attended the AweYsome Children Worship training back in January! Pastor Teresa examined the different aspects of leading Children Worship in creative ways, taking the needs of children into account in order to help leaders to introduce the wonder of worship. Starting with the most important teachings on the right concept and significance of Music worship, then focusing on the Music leaders’ attitudes and preparation, even giving out tips on attires. Musicianship and how to interact with children, to choose appropriate songs for different age groups and/or occasions were also topics included in the training. There were useful and practical demos using a variety song types incorporating actions, movements and sign language in order to engage children. I find the workshop enlightening and helpful in raising my confidence. If you are involved in Children’s Worship at your church, I heartily recommend this training to get yourself equipped and energized!

Serena Lau
Elder, Scarborough Chinese Alliance Church


Pastor Teresa is definitely an asset and a treasure for Children Ministry serving in town and overseas! Her passion, enthusiasm and tireless efforts for children and families are fully shown from her Creative Lab’s training recently I have attended. By providing a welcoming and humbly learning environment and creating an interactive-learning experience, all children leaders are being motivated, encouraged and enriched. The training is fun, resourceful and attentive to the current trend in children ministry. I strongly recommended for all those new or experienced children workers to join Pastor Teresa’s training and her workshop, your experience will be unforgettable! Thank you Pastor Teresa, for your servant-leader style of leadership and your unconditional love to pass on your professional knowledge and experience to make our next generation strong and firm for the Lord!

Amy Ko
Children’s Ministry Deacon of Milliken Gospel Church
(Student of Tyndale Children’s Ministry course)


“Pastor Teresa 熱愛孩子,這一份愛,不但在她看見小朋友時的躍踴神情中流露出來,更在她能真誠地與父母親們分享自己的經驗中表露無遺。我相信神會繼續使用Blessing4CM,造就更多熱心教育下一代的門徒!”

Denise Chow
Manager, Multi-Lingual Programming of
Life with a Baby


I found out about Pastor Teresa’s  training course on “Creative Lab-Children’s Ministry” and was delighted to find out that this was exactly what I was looking for to equip me. Pastor Teresa’s style of teaching is a perfect balance of theological depth, pedagogical substance, and practical application based on many years of experience. Her classes are FUN and filled with many creative ideas which I immediately applied to my classroom context. I highly recommend Pastor Teresa’s courses and training sessions for those who have a deep passion to reach and impact the next generation.

Pastor Joy Kwai-Pun
Pastor of Family Outreach of First Alliance Church, Toronto
(Student of Tyndale Children’s Ministry course)

“We were privileged to have Pastor Teresa come and lead a session for our volunteers entitled “Creative Bible Teaching”. Pastor Teresa’s energy and new ideas kept us engaged and we all left with many new ideas to try in our classroom. Her passion for children’s ministry and her servant’s heart inspired us to keep serving the Lord wholeheartedly!”

Jessica Bachelder
Children’s Ministry Director of
North Toronto Chinese Alliance Church


Thanks Pastor Teresa!

I really enjoy your class and appreciate your passion in serving the children, the creativity of multiple teaching methods, and your interesting sharing and personal experience of God, which all would definitely be my encouragement and guidance to my current and future serving in Christ.

May God bless you and bring more children to Him through your ministry/ministries!

Shirley Liang
Sunday School Teacher of Toronto Mandarin Community Church
(Student of Tyndale Children’s Ministry course)  


Can you imagine over forty adults worshiping in unity with child-like expressions to our Father in heaven? Can you imagine an evening filled with heartfelt expression, bodily movements and joyful spirit in worship and learning for over two hours?  During Pastor Teresa’s Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord workshop, we were captivated in experiential learning by participating fully, actively and consciously in worship with sign language, songs and dances.  Although most of us might not be used to body movements in worship, there was no problem for Pastor Teresa to engage her “mature” students to let loose, bringing out our inner-child and rediscovering worship with innocence and authenticity.  The kinesthetic movements were thoughtfully crafted to unify with words and music, capturing the imagination of children (instead of “boring” them with words and text) and engaging their bodies, from head to toe, to respond to our Creator in worship.

Pastor Teresa emphasized in the workshop that leading children to worship with music is never meant to occupy time but rather to praise God and to disciple them with Biblical truth.   In addition, she elaborated on the fundamental qualities of a worship leader such as attitudes and preparation as well as practicalities like proper attire, accompaniment, interaction dynamics and song variety.  All of us participants were not only challenged to worship with songs of changing tempos and styles, but also had to laugh, to shake, to twist, to swirl, to bend, to crouch and to jump with our singing.  We were blessed with never a dull moment in the entire evening!

Helen Wong
Doulos Gospel Music Ministry


During our 4 lessons in May, Pastor Teresa passionately stirred up our team’s heart for reaching out to children to Christ. The topics were “Children’s experience with God, Sharing the Gospel, Bible teaching and Discipline with love.”

Biblicaly sound, Christ-centered and rich in resources (power points, notes and object-lessons) in all her teaching, she delivered a wealth of experience that are both inspiring and practical. Love her energy and her smiles and she even remember the participants’ names! Just regret we have too little time for her in each lesson. We are looking forward to having her again to deepen her coaching for our team to embrace our church’s vision to see “kids having an active and growing faith in Jesus Christ”.

Pastor Connie Liu
Children’s Pastor of Peoples Gospel Church


Dear Pastor Teresa Tong,

You did fabulous job when you came over to our church as a guest speaker. You are able to bring the message to the audience with such enthusiasm. Not only adults, even the children were very engaged into your testimonies. Your sharing is very interesting and easy to understand. We will always remember this “Fear Not, God Be With Us” when we are facing challenges and obstacles! Thank you so much, we really appreciate for your fantastic sharing.

Ricky Choi
Chairman of Markham Chinese Baptist Church Children and Youth Choir


Thank you for such a wonderful workshop (“Creative Ways of Leading Children in Music Worship”). I’ve learned a lot from you. The workshop showed me that children worship could be so energetic and meaningful.  All the songs could stay with the children for their whole lives.  In fact, we’ve started using some of your songs in our children worship already. We are even planning to invite some of our children to form a worship team!

Amy Au
Children’s Ministry Committee, Toronto Chinese Methodist Church

==============================================================================Dear Pastor Teresa,

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience in understanding and teaching special needs children, especially those with Autism or ADHD/ADD. After the seminar, I wished that we had invited you years earlier. Then, we could have better prepared our Sunday school teachers and youth counselors. Further, we could have given better support to the parents. I truly appreciate your sincere love for the hurting ones. You spoke from your heart. Praise God! With a grateful heart.

Pastor Maureen Chung
Metro Chinese Christian Mission
(Affiliated with the Evangelical Free Church of Canada)


Pastor Teresa Tong was invited to our church on Sept 15, 2012, to conduct a training workshop for our Children & Youth Ministry teachers. During that session, she not only shared with us some teaching techniques such as singing with children with actions, age appropriate, she showed us how to love them by prayers and spending valuable time with them. She emphasised the importance of “Family Worship” to provide our children with spiritual bullet proof vest at young ages through devotions. In this connection, she unselfishly shared with us many useful resources, which were much appreciated by our teachers. We were amazed at Pastor Teresa’s in-depth inspirations and strong passions for our younger generations’ faith in Christ.  I found Pastor Teresa to be a loving children teacher, a kind-hearted shepherd, and a warm individual who works well with people. I would have no doubt to invite her to share her ministry experiences with us again when opportunity permits.

Margaret Lee
Head of Children & Youth Ministry of
Scarborough Mandarin Alliance Church


Pastor Teresa is very enthusiastic and filled with energy from start to finish. A real blessing for teachers and volunteers involved with Children Ministry. She has given techniques to get kids attention and how to add zest to Bible story telling. Truly remarkable.

Fermin Manzano
Children Sunday School Coordinator of
Christ Emmanuel Community Church


I attended the Creative Bible Teaching workshop on Feb 3, 2013. I found the workshop very in-depth, hands-on and practical. I’m already using them in my teaching! I could see the improvement – the reaction from the children! As Pastor Teresa mentioned that the workshop we had was a condensed version, we had received a lot of information but within a limited time. I like the alternative creative bible teaching. It’s creative and can engage the children easily as they are familiar with the games, format or presentation. This would arouse their interest in the games and the biblical content as well. The delivery from Pastor Teresa was amazing – you were so energetic and full of fun! You engaged with the audience very well. Seems like you were the youngest in the group!

Anita Lo
Sunday School Coordinator of
North Toronto Chinese Alliance Church

The CM Teacher training sessions you provided help us in the following:
1. Help us gain much deeper understanding of children and their spiritual need from many different perspectives
2. Help us discover the abundant joy of serving and teaching Children through many creative teaching ways
3. Your great passion stirs up the passion of our children’s ministry workers in serving kids

Susan Wu
Deacon for Children’s Ministry of
Toronto Simpson Chinese Alliance Church


Many thanks for Pastor Teresa gave us a workshop on Creative Bible Teaching. Pastor Teresa provided an interactive ways to deliver her workshop, she gave us creative inspiration for hands-on teaching ideas, fun games, facial/body communication to deliver the bible story to the children. With all these resources the children will have more fun in class.

Anny Au-Yeung
Children Worship Coordinator of
North Toronto Chinese Alliance Church


Your workshop is very informative, stimulating and practical. You have motivated me in learning various approaches in my teaching so the kids can learn God’s words in an innovative way. And you have provided us with excellent visual aids demonstration that can enhance the lesson delivery in an interesting way. I am very impressed by your passion and dedication in serving at children’s ministry.

 Pollinna Fong
Large Group Leader of
North Toronto Chinese Alliance Church